Some News from me after almost two Years of not making Music

Hello Guys

Here I am after almost two Years that i didn’t made anything on this Page except for the Plugin Updates. I was really not in the Mood of making Music like it happened already a few Times before in my Life. But now i was in the Mood of making a Session so i started to check for some Music and sorted some Tracks out for the Mix.

So soon, you will get a new Session from me with some nice Tunes and some Promos I got. Yeah, I still get Promos and I still have the newest Stuff available after so much Times. So be prepared if anything goes good i will make that Session this weekend.

Enjoy the Weekend and stay Healthy


DJ Junior Santiago – The 1000KM Session – 2018

Buenos Dias

Here I am once again with a new Session that i made Yesterday morning before one of my last Rides for this Month. The Session has the Name it has because of a reason that for me is pretty Special. I am one ride away this Month to complete 1000KM of Cycling. While I write this I am at 986.2KM. So this afternoon when i ride home from Work I will finish of the 1000KM. This is a huge achievement for me and, to be honest, I feel a little proud of myself. So the Name for the Session was pretty sure before I even made the Session Yesterday morning. I hope you Enjoy the Session.

Will be posted as soon I am Home


DJ Junior Santiago – Homepage Launch Session – 2018

Hello Guys

The Start is done. here we have the First Session on my new Homepage. Free of Jingles and Drops. Only pure Music. I will not put myself in the Position to say how long the Session’s will be. There are some Months where there is tons off nice Tracks and other Month are weak and it’s almost impossible to make a decent Session. So I will decide spontaneous how long the Session will be.

So now Enjoy with the Session.

Chynaah Doll – Just Say (Sax Solo)
DJ Spen, Earl Tutu, John Khan, Asia Yarwood – Lies (original mix)
Federico D’Alessio, Giulio Bonaccio, Aaron K Gray – Reason (Federico D’alessio Vocal Mix)
Eric Faria, Jorge Araujo, Susanne Alt – Ibiza (DJ Le Baron Deep Dub Remix)
Vick Lavender, Carla Prather – Hey Baby (The VLE Unreleased Live Full Vocal Mix)
Ricky Inch & Nat More – Yourself (Moon Rocket Remix)
DJ Pope, Marc Evans – Do You Remember (DJ Pope Sound Of Baltimore Alternate Vocal)
Bruno Kauffmann, Leedia – Learned (Juan Pacifico Remix)
Sacred Soul, K-White – Experiments (Original Mix)