Some News from me after almost two Years of not making Music

Hello Guys

Here I am after almost two Years that i didn’t made anything on this Page except for the Plugin Updates. I was really not in the Mood of making Music like it happened already a few Times before in my Life. But now i was in the Mood of making a Session so i started to check for some Music and sorted some Tracks out for the Mix.

So soon, you will get a new Session from me with some nice Tunes and some Promos I got. Yeah, I still get Promos and I still have the newest Stuff available after so much Times. So be prepared if anything goes good i will make that Session this weekend.

Enjoy the Weekend and stay Healthy


DJ Junior Santiago – Live@HBRS – 03.06.2016

DJ Junior Santiago – Live@HBRS – 20.05.2016

DJ Junior Santiago – Live@HBRS – 13.05.2016