About Me

About Me

Born and raised in Switzerland as Son of Spanish Immigrants I started early with the Music . With 6 Years I played the Flute. After that I moved on to the Clarinet and the Piano. With 15 Years I heard for the first Time a House Record. It was the Masters at Work Deep Inside Record with the Barbara Tucker Vocals. Since this Moment I’m  in Love with House Music. Many Many Years Later I’m is still in Love with the Soulful, Vocal and the Funky Side of House Music.

The Thing about Radioshows

A few Years back i had a Blog and then all this Radiostation Stuff started. Don’t get me wrong. I think the Guys on all those Radiostations make outstanding Jobs. But i really don’t get along with all the Stuff so much Radiostations demand. There are Stations where they even think that you are going to pay to get aired. I would never ever do such a thing. then there is the thing with the Jingles. It’s like on normal Radio where they tell you all 5 Minutes what Station your listening to. I play Music not Jingles. Last but not least there is the Story about the promotion. So much Radiostations want to make Promotion and i totally understand why. but i got no Time for that. I come Play my Show and go. That was always my Intention but there is so much more involved. 

Time Management is also a Issue. Most of the Radiostations want you to make a Weekly Show. This has to be prepared. Releases have to be listened to sort Tracks out that you want to play or not to play. It’s allot of Time that you have to invest to make a Weekly Show. 

At some point I decided that those Radioshows are not the Way i want to take in the future. So I quit. The Weekly Show made me tired of all the House thing. So I made a pause like i already did a few times.

But as you see i’m Back. with my own Page. Doing it as I like. I hope you enjoy the Page and the Music on it.